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Aujourd’hui c’est la journée internationale des droits de la Femme. Mettons-les à l’honneur! Et plus particulièrement les 13 femmes de notre Famille : Linda, Cathy, Mathilde et Mathilde, Elisabeth, Magalie, Juliette, Laura, Morgane, Claire, Andrea, Gabriela & Gwen 😎

 #BrasserieCaulier #JIF #internationalwomensday

Enjoy the Caulier Brewery Expérience !

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Located in Péruwelz, the brewery Caulier has been prodly producing its own beers for 25 years, with the primary mission of brewing up moments of plesure.

We brew Bon Secours, Paix Dieu
and Stuut, lively beers with character and 100% natural.

Our values 

A united and caring family

Sustainability engagement

Uncompromising quality

A passion for entrepreneurship